With the winter behind us (we hope!) the hedgerows and woods are full of wildflowers and birdsong. There are flashes of pinky red from the bullfinches just coming into their beautiful breeding plumage and the cock pheasants are magnificent, robins, blackbirds and dunnocks, amongst others, are singing their hearts out and lambs of varying sizes are skipping about the fields. All seems much more positive now the days have more hours of daylight and the weather is a little warmer. The frogs have spawned and the tadpoles, if not already, will soon be wriggling around in the field and garden ponds, bees are buzzing and there are even a few butterflies out from their winter hibernation on the sunnier days, let us all be positive and look forward to a slightly more relaxed time when we can at least meet friends outside and enjoy life as we did last summer. Lots of great articles coming up for the April edition of the Chronicle, out in less than 2 weeks.

Spring has Sprung